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The “aim” of The Horizon Way is one of helping our clients achieve the long-term goals for their organizations and to help them add coherency to what they do, how, and why.


Using our 'bench' of battle-tested experts and our proprietary A-I-M model, we provide customized solutions to your company requirements. We've already served numerous satisfied clients.



Comprehensive and holistic program of study, including seminar-style modules and flexible options for your unique education and leader preparations needs.


We want to broadly share our methodology. Experts on our staff are in progress on our book, "The Horizon Way," with a goal of publishing in 2021.



Implement & Inspire the “transition” plan

Monitor, manage, & Motivate the change initiative(s)


Ike provides senior oversight and management of strategy programs for Horizon Strategies, to include development, implementation and execution of “The Horizon Way”, the company’s proprietary strategic approach. He also manages leader education and talent development services.

The Horizon Way: Lessons on Leading Through Transitions


Our VP for Academic Services, Dr. Isaiah Wilson III, is spearheading a project aimed at documenting our unique approach and delivery model. The book, The Horizon Way: Lessons on Leading Through Transitions, explains how our proprietary “Way” enables success from the Battlefield to the Boardroom. Meet the team of authors working on “The Horizon Way” project.

“This book offers ways to overcome and overmatch the challenges of transitions and explains the underlying variables that enable individual and organizational innovation and adaptation. Like John Boyd’s pioneering decision-making model, the OODA Loop – Observe, Orient, Decide, Act – that enables individuals and organizations to gain advantage over an opponent’s decision-cycle, we argue that organizational innovation and adaptation require a comprehensive strategic theory of organizational learning that enables foresight, aligns objectives, ideas, and resources, and institutionalizes a continuous cycle of learning to adapt and succeed through transitions. But where Boyd and others explain how to direct one's energies to defeat an adversary and survive in combat, we offer an approach that aligns leadership, strategy, and people to achieve desired outcomes through the application of timeless principles and proven methods; principles as applicable to the boardrooms and the negotiating tables, as they are to the battlefields.”

excerpt from the book, The Horizon Way: Lessons on Leading Through Transitions, Chapter 1, Introduction.

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