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Horizon Strategies has demonstrated performance across government, corporate, and academic sectors as the prime and a sub-contractor on wide-ranging contracts. We are quickly becoming a highly sought-after, highly praised company with our diverse offerings and senior-level experts. Some of our recent work is documented below.

Horizon Strategies provided a Combined Joint Maritime Component Command (with the help of the Naval Reserve) for the II Marine Expeditionary Force's Dynamic Cape Command Post Exercise. This effort added a layer of realism to the event by providing a higher headquarters element with senior level expertise. The team included two flag officers, along with senior personnel, intelligence, operations, planning, fires, logistics, communications, information operations, medical planning, and operational law leaders with extensive joint and maritime experience.

Horizon Strategies began a partnership with Creighton University to create an Executive Education/ Strategist Certification program to help businesses stay ahead of the unrelenting pace of change and competition by creating clear strategic thinking within their business. The program taught executive leaders to not only formulate the correct strategy, but also understand how to implement and evaluate strategies effectively and accurately.  The program educates the executives in the science and art of executive strategic leadership and management across five modules:  Strategy Fundamentals: battlefield to boardroom; Strategic Leadership; Strategic Planning; Across Functions: Strategic Integration and Plans to Operations: Strategic Implementation.

Horizon Strategies partnered to develop and draft the Countering Terrorism and Targeted Violence (CTTV) Strategic Framework Implementation Plan and the CTTV Assessment Plan in support of the Department of Homeland Security. This multi-phased effort was overseen by the DHS Office of Strategy, Policy, and Plans and required a Department-wide data collection from all offices and components of DHS, a large-scale plan drafting process, followed by staffing the implementation and assessment plans for approval by the Acting Secretary of DHS in less than six months. This team did in six months what most assumed would take up to one to two years to complete due to the large number of DHS Components and personnel involved, the amount of data collection, data analysis, baselining with other U.S. government strategies, and equities checks required throughout the process.

Horizon Strategies provided the Nebraska Department of Economic Development assistance in formulating and implementing actionable strategic plans guided by the Governor's vision and strategy for economic development, and Blueprint Nebraska.  The services provided included development and synchronization of a preparation phase, which included the development of a recommended reading list, condition setting and product development; finalization of workshop attendees, and the development and delivery of strategic planning principles and techniques through a two day workshop to expose and educate the Department. 

Horizon Strategies supported the Renewable Energy Group with Leadership Training through the delivery of Seminar based instruction. Horizon Strategies developed and delivered a tailored two day workshop geared toward Directors/Managers covering a range of topics, to include: Strategic Planning, Organizational Development, Leader Development, and Management.

Horizon Strategies is conducting a marketability analysis for the Texas A&M RELLIS Campus, to include an estimate of proposed lease rates of the Research & Testing Areas (RTAs), including runways, airspace, storage and office space for current capabilities, and an analysis of escalation factors to rates based on future capabilities. Components incorporated into the analysis include a proposed lease fee model for the various RTAs, an assessment of market potential for the RTAs, recommendations for primary, secondary, and tertiary target markets, a competition analysis, and a productivity analysis. Horizon Strategies teammates are researching RTAs and proving grounds in commercial, academic, and government sectors to provide the comparison and analysis for this project.

Horizon Strategies supported the 505th Combat Training Squadron at Hurlburt Field, Florida, in support of the U.S. Air Force (USAF) Exercise Blue Flag. The exercise is a live, virtual and constructive event that trains air operation centers (AOC) and Air Force Forces (AFFOR) staff in planning, executing and controlling war and relief operations through scenario based events.  Horizon Strategies directly supported Blue Flag 19 by providing senior-level highly qualified subject matter experts to stand-up and replicate an interagency coordination cell within the higher command structure to stimulate realistic training for Joint Air Operations Center (JAOC) training to support Noncombatant Evacuation Operations (NEO).  In this capacity, the team replicated the strategic and policy simulation required to include background document production, U.S. Department of State interactions and reporting, Embassy coordination (utilizing AMB William Butler, a Horizon Strategies expert, to play the role of the Ambassador), communications and reporting, as well as Defense Attaché and Regional Security Officer roles and responsibilities.  During Blue Flag 20, our SMEs provided staff augmentation in support of a joint air and maritime component focused exercise to train a Numbered Air Force (NAF) and JAOC during Crisis Action Planning (CAP).  In this capacity, our team developed doctrinally correct products and templates within the higher headquarters J3, to include both the Chief of Future Operations (FUOPS) and Chief of Targeting, to stimulate and drive conduct of the Crisis Action Planning (CAP).

Horizon Strategies supports numerous USAREUR-AF exercises with subject matter expertise during planning and headquarters response cell replication. Previous exercise support includes Dynamic Front 18 and 21, Blue Flag 18, Joint Warfighting Assessment 18, Austere Challenge 19 and 21, Joint Fires Exercise 19, Defender 20, 21, and 22. Planners participated the Military Decision Making Process, producing all applicable operations order paragraphs and annexes of the supported response cell, appropriate digital/analog map graphics, as well as providing briefings to senior leaders. During exercise execution, Horizon Strategies provided subject matter experts to replicate headquarters and staff processes to include CFLCC, Corps and Fires Brigade response cells, executing all battle rhythm and staff functions for the exercises.

Horizon Strategies provides SMEs as staff augmentees assisting the USAREUR-AF G37 staff in planning (near term and 5-year horizon), coordination, and development of the exercise program. Our expert planners collaborate with internal staff directorates to identify requirements; develop plans to accomplish USAREUR-AF Joint and Service training objectives; assist with planning theater requirements for support and coordinate with service and agency representatives for the allocation of resources; participate in the supporting JELC events including the Initial Planning Conference, Main Planning Conference and Master Scenario Events List conferences as required; and nest exercise training objectives and activities with USAREUR-AF Joint Force Land Component Command Mission Essential Tasks (METs).  Our planners produce administrative orders, tactical orders; lead Operational Planning Teams (OPT), Senior Leader Seminars, Rehearsal of Concept (ROC) drills, Tabletop Exercises, Wargames, and conduct other staff work in support of the exercises. Plans developed by our team include applicable annexes, appropriate digital/analog map graphics and products that support briefings and presentations.

Horizon Strategies provided strategic planning SMEs in support of the USAREUR-AF G33 Current Operations, and G35 Future Operations.  Our SMEs assisted the USAREUR-AF staff in the planning, coordination, and synchronization of ground maneuver operations across the USAREUR Area of Operations.  Our teammates supported USAREUR-AF current and future operations planning and execution supporting real-world contingencies and military training exercises to include: analyzing the development of plans to integrate Army, Joint, and Multinational requirements to support the command guidance; assisting with planning theater requirements for support and coordinating with Combatant Commands, Services, and Agencies for the allocation of requisite resources; liaising between commands and representing the command during working groups and staff activities.  Our planners produced administrative orders, tactical orders; led Operational Planning Teams (OPT), Senior Leader Seminars, Rehearsal of Concept (ROC) drills, Tabletop Exercises, Wargames, and conducted various staff work in support of the command.

Horizon Strategies provides Russian Foreign Area Officer expertise in support of USAREUR-AF’s creation and development of a Russian FAO course that will immerse students in the study of the Russian military, and its thinking behind the strategies and perceptions of the world. Our experts were instrumental in the development and delivery of a pilot curriculum (delivered in JAN 21) that spans the spectrum from strategic to tactical with special emphasis on the strategic and operational levels within the Russian military. Their teamwork with USAREUR-AF employed global reach back to academia and think tanks, as well as integrating best practices from academia and the Department of State. This work set the conditions for the scaling of the program this year to include development and delivery of a second iteration of the full Russian Way of War course, a shorter course integrated into USAREUR-AF's Senior Leader Seminar, and a one-week course for planners and commanders. 

Horizon Strategies is the prime contractor supporting the U.S. Army Human Resources Command with claims and benefits processing.  Our team processes critical administrative actions for Soldiers and their families to include life insurance, disability, and award claims. These services span program operations support and management of Combat Related Special Compensation (CRSC) and Traumatic Service members Group Life Insurance (TSGLI) under the Army Personnel Records Division (APRD); the Awards and Decorations Branch (ADB), under the Soldier Programs and Services Division (SPSD); and the Physical Disability Agency (PDA) under the operational oversight of the Army Deputy Chief of Staff (DCS), G-1.  

Army National Guard Strength Enhancement Program (GSEP) and Transition Counselors Support Services provide career counseling and retention services to Soldiers in the Reserve and Active Duty Components as they transition to the Army National Guard component (ARNG). Horizon Strategies provides program management for four GSEP Coordinators serving as subject matter experts in Hawaii, Washington, and Alaska. 

In close partnership with North South Consulting Group, LLC, Horizon Strategies’ subject matter experts provide oversight for all tactical level virtual recruiting operations for both officer and enlisted programs, developing, implementing, testing, measuring and evaluating all virtual (web-based) recruiting efforts. Our team lead and twelve former 79R lead refiners leverage their recruiting experience to train and evaluate employees, guide each team with knowledge of Recruiting processes and systems, track monthly results and trends for forecasting purposes, and resolve escalated customer problems and issues.  


Horizon Strategies, in support of the U.S. Army Reserve Command, provides a team of six full-time subject matter experts to plan, coordinate, and produce written orders and supporting products for multiple U.S. Army Reserve (USAR) Combat Support Training Exercises (CSTX) and Functional Command Post Exercises (CPX-F) as part of the Combat Support Training Program (CSTP).  The planning cell produces and synchronizes doctrinal operations orders, to include supporting annexes, appendices, and tabs for headquarters organizations ranging from Joint Task Force (JTF), Combined Forces Land Component Command (CFLCC), Division, and Brigade level, to include writing doctrinally correct orders from JTF to brigade level, as well as scripting the exercises, producing a master scenario events list (MSEL), and other products to support the training scenarios.

Marine Corps Logistics Operations Group (MCLOG) provides standardized, advanced individual training in Marine Air-Ground Task Force (MAGTF) logistics operations and unit readiness planning at the Battalion and Regimental levels, conducts Battle Staff Training, facilitates logistics education and manages doctrine, training standards, tactics and institutional training programs in order to enhance combat preparation and performance of Logistics combat Element units in MAGTF operations.  Horizon Strategies provides the Marine Corps Logistics Operations Group (MCLOG) senior level logistics experts to mentor, teach and coach the commander and staff of the Logistics Combat Element participating in the Logistics Staff Training Exercise (LSTX) a MAGTF logistics staff exercise program.  Occasionally, the Horizon Strategy experts help train the logistics staffs from other elements of the MAGTF (CE, GCE, and ACE G4/S4 staffs). The LSTX therefore represents an evolutionary step in MCLOG’s mission to train and educate well-rounded logisticians in the integration of logistics across the MAGTF.

Horizon Strategies experts mentor the senior logisticians leading logistics organizations in the MAGTF Warfighting Exercise (MWX). MCX training audience is normally a Logistics Regiment/ Wing Support Group and their subordinate Logistics Battalions/ Squadrons.  MCX is a dynamic force on force exercise.

In close partnership with the Veteran’s Administration (VA) and the CALIBRE Systems team, Horizon Strategies provides vital TAP sustainment support for transitioning service members across 14 military installations in the Mid-West Region. Advisors on this program deliver the mandatory full-day VA Benefits and Services briefings to 100% of eligible transitioning service members and, on a space available basis, to dependents, caregivers, survivors, and Veterans. The scope of services includes in-person one-on-one and classroom briefings, and on-going briefer training and evaluation. All VA TAP-supported events have a common goal: to ensure service members are informed on, and connected to, the VA benefits that apply to their specific situation.

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