Our Expert Bench

Our focus on people is unmatched.

“Horizon Strategies is unlike any other company I have ever worked for. There is a genuine concern for each team member. The leadership makes you feel like you are a part of a team, and not just another employee.”

William P. Boykin, Horizon Strategies Project Manager and Expert

Horizon Strategies Expert Team

Our team is composed of over 200 senior-level experts with education and experience that span our sectors of operation. Our network of highly experienced strategists, diplomats, planners, and operators lead and enable execution efforts that deliver tangible results and achieve desired outcomes.

      Our bench of experts possess unique qualifications and experience to include:

  • Staff Certifications/Advanced Degrees: PhD, PMP
  • Former Ambassadors and Diplomats
  • Senior Service College, Leadership Development, Advanced Strategic and Operational Planning Graduates of SAMS and SAWS
  • Extensive experience operating and executing in the DoD environment, across Services and Components
  • Joint, Service Level, COCOM, and Service Component Level Staff Experience
  • BN, BDE, DIV, CORPS Equivalent Command Experience
  • Warfighting Function expertise across Service Components
  • Joint, Intergovernmental, Interagency, and Multinational Experience
  • Russian Foreign Area Experts
  • Functional Area Expertise
  • Professors and Instructors
  • Language Proficiency
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