Employee Spotlight: Recognizing An Employee’s Passion

Horizon Strategies would like to recognize Alison Vesper for her exceptional efforts and passion for helping service members. Alison has worked as a Site Lead on the VA-TAP contract for over 6 years and has been part of the Horizon Strategies team for over 3 years. The paragraph below was emailed directly to the VA-TAP program manager and eloquently captures the impact Alison has on those she interacts with during the separation process.

“I am an active-duty service member who will be separating from the Air Force in the near future. I’m a big proponent of giving credit when credit is due, so I am reaching out to let you know how invaluable of a resource Ms. Alison Vesper has been to me throughout the pre-separation process.  I’ve attended her VA benefits class, her portion of the education workshop, and have had numerous questions answered through 1 on 1 meetings, phone calls, and texts. She has made herself available at every request and has gone above and beyond to ensure that I am adequately informed on all things VA. I’ve never met someone that is so passionate about their job – it’s obvious how much she cares about helping out service members and playing a part in our success. This is a shared sentiment with everyone that I’ve had conversations with relating to VA benefits and separation when she came up. I can’t stress enough how indispensable of a resource she is to service members and I’m extremely grateful to have had the pleasure of her being my VA benefits advisor. I just wanted to pass along some feedback regarding her performance because of how positive of an experience it has been working with her.”

Thank you for your outstanding contributions, Alison. Horizon Strategies is lucky to have people like you on our team!

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