Employee Spotlight: Recognizing an Exceptional Lead Awards Analyst

Fort Knox, KY (February 21, 2024) Outside of work, DiAndra Heim has the full-time profession of a devoted military spouse and parent to two young children, Adalynn and Zander. As a military family, DiAndra and her husband have traversed five states, upon retirement they plan to move back to their home state of Iowa, where they plan to establish their forever home.

Amidst the whirlwind of military life, DiAndra’s dedication to her professional role shines brightly. Over the past three months, she has demonstrated exceptional leadership and expertise as a lead analyst, tackling two high-profile inquiries with precision and care.

In the first case, DiAndra meticulously verified service awards for a Soldier, highlighting inconsistencies that could have had detrimental effects on the Soldier’s professional record. Her thorough research and clear communication with the Soldier’s assigned unit ensured a positive resolution for all involved.

In the second case, DiAndra delved into the complex history of a retired Special Forces Soldier, ultimately determining eligibility for the significant honors in which the Soldier received the Combat Infantryman’s Badge and the Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal. Despite the disappointment of the Soldier’s initial request to receive a Purple Heart; her discovery of alternative commendations showcased her dedication to finding solutions that honor the service and sacrifice of those in uniform.

Additionally, DiAndra’s exemplary work has reduced case backlogs and serves as an example of the trust and responsibility vested in contracted employees across the Army. Her expertise and compassion make her an indispensable asset to her team and a vital contributor to the success of their mission. DiAndra has been working on the Claims and Benefits Processing (CBP) Team as a Lead Awards Analyst for seven months. The Horizon Strategies team would like to thank DiAndra for her outstanding efforts and dedication to the CBP team and US Army.

About Claims and Benefits Processing:

Horizon Strategies is the prime contractor supporting the U.S. Army Human Resources Command with claims and benefits processing.  Our team processes critical administrative actions for Soldiers and their Families to include life insurance, education incentives, disability, and award claims. These services span program operations support and management of Combat Related Special Compensation (CRSC), Traumatic Servicemembers Group Life Insurance (TSGLI), Education Incentives Branch (EIB), Awards and Decorations Branch (ADB), and the Physical Disability Agency (PDA).  All these programs are under the operational oversight of the Army Deputy Chief of Staff (DCS), G-1, with execution through the Soldier Programs and Services Division (SPSD) within The Adjutant General Directorate (TAGD).

About Horizon Strategies:

Grounded in the values of service-oriented leadership, integrity, and teamwork, Horizon Strategies translates the best practices of the world’s premier leadership and strategy institutions — primarily the Department of Defense — to practical government, business, and educational applications. Founded in 2016 as a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), Horizon Strategies is an accomplished professional services firm dedicated to providing innovative and cost-effective solutions that create value for our clients. We align leadership, strategy, and people to achieve desired outcomes through the application of timeless principles and proven methods. For additional information, please visit horizonstrategies.com.

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